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About Bi-Fix Fasteners

The BI-FIX quarter turn fastener is used for securing panels and components where accessibility is important. The special characteristic of the BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener is its quick and simple detachability. A 90¡ turn of the stud unlocks the fastener. Finger pressure onto the head of the stud re-clicks the fastener into the locked position. (Fig. 1)

Finger pressure on top of the head of the Stud is sufficient to click the Fastener into the locked position. (Fig. 2) In locked position, the two sides of the Clip seize the notches of the Stud. This connection cannot be opened by vibration or shocks, unless they reach some 100 g (acceleration due to gravity). Under axial tension the fasteners become more and more form-fit, until the clip reaches maximum load (see technical details).

The BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener can be used wherever 2 elements have to be fastened and detached in a quick and safe manner. The BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener is ideal for any application where panels, doors or hatches are continually opened or removed for maintenance or security manufactured from quality materials they are rugged and easy to operate.

The most simple BI-FIX quarter-turn fastener consists of 3 parts:

  • The Stud, which is located in the panel (loose part).
  • The Washer, which is used for retention and vibration resistance.
  • The Spring Clip, which is installed permanently into the framework

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